Spark of Inspiration

In 2020 at one of the largest lingerie conventions in the country, CEO Kristen had an ah-ha moment when she saw hundreds of brands producing what they wanted, rather than what we actually want. So she finally decided to do something about it and build the bra of our dreams.

K + B Get Connected

Bridget and Kristen met on an online platform connecting business founders. They were a perfect match—both passionate about women empowerment and innovative apparel technology.


To build the perfect bra, we had to really get to know who we’re building it for. We conducted intensive market research, dived into all your pain points, and made a plan to use what works and get rid of what doesn’t.

R & D

Our brand is exploring innovative technologies, including 3D printing and processes that haven't been used in intimates yet. We’ve been prototyping to deliver a bra with next-level comfort and support, and we’re pretty stoked about what’s coming next.

The Next Collective

At the end of 2021, we applied and were accepted into Everlane’s Next Collective fellowships as 1 of 5 brands selected for their work reducing virgin plastic in fashion.

Where We're Headed

We’re ready to hear more of what you have to say! As we finalize prototypes, join our community to help us deliver the next era of intimates.

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