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Who Are we?

iteration is a community-driven brand discovering the next era of intimates.

We believe in co-creating with you, sharing ideas, and exploring possibilities. Together, we are making better products — the ones you actually want to wear. That’s why we’ve been collaborating with 1,200+ women for the last two years on the products of your dreams. 

You’ve told us your major pain points and all those important details you’ve been searching for in your intimates. We’ve heard you and created with you — because you should have a say in what you put on your body… especially when it comes to your undergarments.

By collaborating with community, we’re trailblazing to co-create sustainably-made intimates that make you feel comfortable, supported, and free.

What we value

  • Co-Creation

    Community Building

    Sharing Ideas

  • Transparency

    Being Good Humans

    Elevating women

  • Iterating


    Having Fun

  • Innovation

    Exploring Possibilities

    Always Improving

about us iteration our process and how we do it

Why the name?

It·​er·​a·​tion; noun

Definition: A procedure in which repetition of a sequence of operations yields results successively closer to a desired outcome.

  • iteration is about continuously improving: we always endeavor to create better and better products, become more sustainable, and expand our social impact – because the work is never done.
  • iteration is about striving to get closer to the desired result: the struggle is real, and that’s why we collaborate with you to find innovative solutions – because together our best is within reach.
  • iteration is about repetitive feedback loops: we community-source product development ideas, gather feedback, collect prototype reviews, improve, and repeat – because nothing great happens on the first try (…except Sara Blakely's creation of Spanx).

While our products improve with iterations, we are also constantly becoming new iterations. Our bodies are continually changing and adapting to new life circumstances, from adolescence, to the teenage years, to adulthood, possibly motherhood and maturity. At the same time, our minds are discovering new pieces of who we are and who we may become. As we evolve into better iterations of ourselves, our undergarments need to keep up.

How did iteration come to be?

  • Our Journey

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if women had a say in creating the intimates they want to wear? Imagine a world where women's voices are not just heard but amplified in the product creation process. What if product development wasn't rushed to fill more shelves but was slower, more deliberate, and focused on bras and underwear that women actually want?

    It's been a long pursuit, but founders Kristen and Bridget believe the journey is just as important as the destination. For the last 3+ years, the duo has searched the world for the best materials, tested (too many?!) prototypes, and spent thousands of hours huddled over sewing machines while reading countless competitors' product reviews.

    The pair even traveled to Sri Lanka for 5 weeks to find an ethical, high-quality manufacturer. They've also spent 2+ years exploring a next-generation underwire alternative that's still in development to bring you even more comfortable support.

  • Who we are

    Kristen knows what it's like to step into a store and find nothing that fits or feels right. After decades working for top intimates brands, she's seen the bad, ugly, and uglier of fast fashion companies that ignore or don't ask what you want. She's witnessed the lack of concern for sustainability, disregard for customer feedback, and promotion of unhealthy body images. With expert industry perspective, she's driving change from the inside out.

    Bridget worked as an investment banker before making a 180º pivot to sustainable fashion. She spent years in a male-dominated field, often the only woman in the board room. She knows how hard women must fight to get a seat at the table and have their voices heard. Her vision became creating eco-friendly intimates where women had the say.

    Together with their co-creation community, Kristen and Bridget are building the next era of bras + underwear for women, by women.

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iteration team kristen monika bridget in NYC
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