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Our Story

iteration is a female-founded brand on a journey to discover the next era of intimates. We know what it’s like to step into a store and find nothing that fits or feels like you. We’ve seen the inside of fast fashion companies who dismiss or don't ask for what you actually want. So we are consciously creating a new brand—one that’s centered around you.

You should have a say in what you put on your body—especially when it comes to intimates. You’ve been telling us your biggest pain points, the important details you’ve been searching for, and we hear you. With your feedback, our team is trailblazing to create sustainably-made intimates that make you feel comfortable, supported, and free.

We’ve even kicked off our brand before we have products to sell, because we want your voice woven into everything we do.

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Our Vision

We believe in embracing the opportunity for continuous improvement.

Our bodies are constantly growing and changing, while our minds are always discovering new elements of who we are. As we become better iterations of ourselves, our undergarments need to keep up. At iteration, our products are as dynamic as you—that's why we're exploring cutting-edge innovations and materials that solve problems with a sustainable mindset.

You deserve to feel good about the businesses you buy from. We're a company dedicated to always improving to meet your needs and we know that it doesn't have to come at the cost of our planet. From design to production and shipping, we’re making a clean brand.

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Our Team

Our CEO, Kristen, spent a decade working for other intimates brands before deciding to build her own. She’s seen first-hand the lack of concern for sustainability, the disregard for customer feedback, and the promotion of an unhealthy body image. With an expert industry perspective, she knows what the other brands don’t want you to, and she’s instigating change from the inside out.

Before joining iteration, Bridget, COO, worked in investment banking. She spent years in a field where it's hard enough for women to get a seat at the table, let alone have their voices heard. So her vision became finding opportunities to level the playing field while amplifying the female point of view.