Imagine the soft glow of dawn as light reflects across sandy dunes; this essence is captured in SAND. A light, serene hue with a neutral base touched by delicate pinky undertones, SAND is designed to serve as a nude for lighter skin tones and a fashion-forward choice against darker skin. This shade is all about embracing the still moments of dawn's morning light, offering a subtle, refined touch to your lingerie collection.

  • Inspiration //  Pink Sand Dunes at Dawn
  • Base //  Light Neutral with Pinky Undertones
  • Ideal For //  Nude on Lighter Skin; Fashion Color on Darker Skin
  • Vibe //  Serene, Subtle Glow
  • Catch Phrase //  Head in the Clouds
  • Pun Palette // Rose to the Taupe


SIENNA draws its inspiration from the sun-baked terracotta clay found in the natural, beautiful terrain of the American Southwest. This color is a warm, muted echo of earthen bricks wrapped in the softness of the warm sun. A combination of desert pinks and browns, SIENNA inspires adventures across any terrain and exploring endless possibilities. It's a unique nude that harmonizes with a broad spectrum of skin tones, bringing a natural flush of warmth to your intimate wear.

  • Inspiration //  Sun-Baked Terracotta
  • Base  //  Desert Pink with Warm Brown Undertones
  • Ideal For //  Broad Spectrum of Skin Tones as Nude
  • Vibe //  Timeless Warmth, Earthy Elegance
  • Catch Phrase //  Heart on Her Sleeve
  • Pun Palette //  Brickin’ Mauve-lous


Enveloping and rich, MAHOGANY is reminiscent of the deep, comforting embrace of a dense forest at dusk. This color is infused with subtle red undertones reminiscent of the majestic mahogany tree and boasts a luxuriously bold chocolate essence. Designed to flatter any skin tone, this color brings a sense of indulgence and warmth. Even if brown hues usually don't catch your eye, MAHOGANY's warmth and richness might win you over, offering a lush, inviting addition to your lingerie drawer.

  • Inspiration //  Dense Forest at Dusk
  • Base //  Rich Chocolate with Red Undertones
  • Ideal For // Nude on Darker Skin; Universal Appeal + Indulgent Warmth
  • Vibe //  Deep, Comforting Embrace
  • Catch Phrase // She's a Pretty Penny
  • Pun Palette  //  Umber One In My Heart


ONYX captures the essence of sophistication and charm in the most absolute of all shades–black. This hue is as rich and luxurious as the deepest night sky (or your favorite, most reliable eyeliner). True black, it's the epitome of style, a timeless classic that promises to elevate any outfit. As polished and stunning as the gemstone with its name, ONYX is your go-to for an infusion of chic, natural elegance, mirroring the striking majesty of the night.

  • Inspiration //  Deepest Night Sky
  • Base //  True Black
  • Ideal For //  Elevating any Outfit, Your Everyday Looks, or Going Out
  • Vibe //  Sleek Sophistication
  • Catch Phrase //  Darkest Before Dawn
  • Pun Palette  //  Noir-ty or Nice