Our beliefs

At iteration sustainability is not just an afterthought — it’s the heart of everything we do. 💜

As a team, we embarked on a slow, steady, and purposeful development journey. We focus on creating better-than-expected products that won’t get tossed or forgotten in your drawer. Instead of rushing to market, we chose a different path. We collaborate with you to choose the designs and perfect fit + function. We partner with outstanding suppliers and discover incredible nature inspired materials.

Our route ensures that you feel fantastic — both inside and out — when wearing our bras and undies.

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1. Community Co-Creation

By co-creating products directly with our Co-Lab community, we avoid making waste no one asked for. 

We collaborate together from the very start, so your needs and wants are woven in at the earliest stages. Most brands push product they “think” consumers want (often resulting in excess inventory with nowhere to go), while we co-create the products you actually want and will use.

natural materials sustainably managed beech trees raw material to create tencel modal fabric

2. Natural + Eco-Friendly Materials

Nature’s materials should be prioritized whenever possible. 

iteration emphasizes natural fiber fabrics to reduce our reliance on synthetic materials (those made from fossil fuels that contain dangerous chemicals and pollute our planet).

Materials we're excited to work with:

  • TENCEL™ Modal – Made by the Lenzing Group using cellulose fibers in beech wood from renewable forests.
  • Eco-friendly Elastics – All of our elastics contain specialty elastic fibers that are more eco-friendly than traditional spandex.

Find out more about our materials by clicking here.

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3. Smart Design

The most sustainable garments are ones that actually get worn again and again because they fit + feel great.

At iteration, we prioritize making every design as comfy as can be. From the inside out, we've considered every design detail and potential pain point to craft a comfort-driven solution that takes our products to the next level.

We also use next generation cutting-edge 3D software to ensure each fit is just right, reduce sampling waste, and get closer to the finish line right from the start.

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4. Built to Last

Clothing that falls apart isn’t sustainable.

We’re committed to the long haul and aim to create products that can be loved for a long time. By emphasizing the highest quality materials, better construction methods, and rigorous testing, our goal is to extend the useful life of our garments. We don’t want to create things that end up donated or in the trash after just a few wears.

By prioritizing durability, our products maintain their look, feel, and functionality over time, minimizing our environmental footprint. 🌍

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iteration ethical manufacturing factory workshop underwear in work

5. Ethical Practices

Just as important as the women who wear our products, are the women* who make them.

We carefully choose factory partners who not only share our vision but also treat their workers with respect, offer fair wages, and uphold environmentally responsible practices. This ensures that our impact extends beyond the products themselves, positively affecting the lives of those in our supply chain. 🌱

*We support male workers, too, but women are our factory's primary employees, accounting for 92% of workers. The industry average is 60% to 85%.

Certifications we care about

We believe that sharing certifications we prioritize is a great way to show you our commitments to sustainability. Here's a few that we're excited about:

  • OEKO-TEX® 100
  • FSC® - The Forest Stewardship Council
  • ZDHC - Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals
  • SEDEX / SMETA - Supplier Ethical Data Exchange + Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit

Learn more about these certificates and what they mean by clicking here.

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Brand Transparency

Transparency is not a word we say lightly.

We believe in the power of open and continuous dialogue with our customers.

Through regular updates and feedback from our community, we keep you informed and involved in our sustainability efforts (and of course, everything else 😉), celebrating our victories, and acknowledging challenges we face together. 

Want to know more about where we think we can improve? Check out our goals for enhancing our sustainability here.

Got a question on something you didn’t see, send us a note.