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What's inside?

  • co-create with us and share ideas

    Co-create with us

    Join our community-led co-creation process and collaborate with our team of women to bring to life the bras and underwear of your dreams.

  • solve bra and underwear problems and wear test garments


    The struggle is real; we know it's SO hard to find good, comfortable bras. Let's build something better together that fits and feels great.

  • have a voice in what we create and how we do it


    Do you have a style or size you can’t find? Do you wish for something you’ve never seen? Share ideas, develop products you want, and have your voice heard.  

  • chat about bras and undies and what you love, hate and everything in between

    bra and undies talk

    Discuss intimate apparel and everything related in a safe and fun space. Whether you love bras + undies or hate ‘em, we’re talking about it all.

  • support women owned business and make new friends

    Support Women

    We’re women creating with women, and together, we make the best products even better (no offense to those male-run lingerie brands...)

  • exclusive perks, behind the scenes action, town halls, wear testing and more

    Exclusive PERKS

    Behind-the-scenes action, live town-hall community events, product wear testing, voting, exclusive product access, discounts, and giveaways!

Community Feedback

Don't just take our word for it.

Here's a few good reasons community members have joined our journey to co-create better bras + underwear!

  • "Because as someone with a larger chest, finding a good bra is like finding a unicorn. I love what you’re working to accomplish and that you’re taking feedback from real women"

    - Rachel A.

    Joined in Dec 2022

  • “I have always really struggled with finding a well fitting bra that does all of the things it’s supposed to and I would love to be part of a community where we discuss these issues!

    - Emma W.

    Joined in Oct 2022

  • I would love to give input on building a better bra. Especially for busty women so I could finally find one I don't want to rip off immediately.”

    - Jen L.

    Joined in May 2023

  • "Bras are horrible! Finding one that feels good literally changes your day, I support this journey!"

    - Lindsy A.

    Joined in May 2023

  • “I am a breast cancer survivor and cannot wear underwires. I am always searching for a comfortable bralette.”

    - Terese M.

    Joined in Mar 2023

  • “I’d love a bra that actually fit, gave support, was comfortable and sustainable. It’s like a holy grail, so far unachieved.”

    - Eleanor R.

    Joined in Dec 2022

You In?

If you're ready for some co-creation fun, new friends, and the opportunity to shape a brand from the inside out, join our community.

We can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Join the Co-Lab

Co-Creation + Community FAQS

What is co-creation?

Co-creation at iteration means YOU have a voice creating the bras and undies YOU want. Co-creation is our manifesto in action. It’s a dynamic community-led collaboration where your ideas meet our design expertise to craft intimates that resonate deeply with your needs and values. We believe that the best designs arise from diverse perspectives coming together, leading to products that are not only loved, but lived in. By joining together, we continuously elevate the quality and relevance of each piece, ensuring that our co-created bras and undies are truly next level.

Why should I join your community?

Join our community to be a part of something bigger than just fashion. Have a real say in product creation. At iteration, YOUR voice is celebrated and YOUR ideas spark possibilities. The best products emerge from collective insight, so come co-create with us to and be part of the solution to create better bras and undies - ones that solve YOUR problems! At iteration, we value each voice and believe that the best ideas emerge from collective insight. Here, you’re not just a member, but a co-creator whose experiences and opinions shape everything we do. Together, we can redefine the way intimates are made, worn, and loved.

Who is a good fit for the co-creation community?

If you want to be part of creating better undergarments for women, by women - consider joining our community. If you’ve struggled to find good bras and undies that fit - then you’re in the right place. If you believe in making a positive impact through fashion - you can make a real difference here. If you like sharing ideas, collaborating, and being part of “something bigger” - you are a great fit for our community. Whether you're passionate about sustainability, eager to share your creative ideas, or simply want intimates that feel as good as they look, your perspective is invaluable. Our co-creation community thrives on diversity—of thought, background, and possibilities. Come as you are, bring your unique insights, and let's innovate together!

How can I join your co-creation community?

Joining is simple and impactful Click Here to go to our Co-Lab Facebook group. There’s a big purple button in the upper right hand corner that says “Join Group.” Add a few details, agree to our rules, and we’ll get you situated inside. Whether you’re curious about co-creation and just want to see or if you have a ton of ideas to share, your participation and insights are crucial. Sign up today and start making a difference in what we create together tomorrow.

What are the benefits of joining your community?

Beyond the joy of seeing your ideas and opinions come to life in our collections, joining the Iteration community offers a host of enriching experiences and perks. You'll gain exclusive access to exclusive wear-testing opportunities with the chance to provide direct feedback that shape or final garments. Enjoy special invitations to town-hall meetings, discount codes, participate in polls, and enter competitions. Plus, you’ll meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for thoughtful, ethically made fashion. By joining us, you contribute to a sustainable future and ensure that the clothes we wear are not just made, but made thoughtfully and with purpose. Click here to explore becoming part of The Co-Lab

How can I get involved if I'm not on facebook?

While much of the co-creation and collaboration occurs in the Co-Lab on Facebook, we share alot of updates and surveys in our monthly newsletters and emails so you can follow along. Make sure that you are signed up to receive those here on the bottom right of the page. Additionally, if you have ideas to share or want to check-in to see what we’re working on, feel free to email us at hi@iterationera.com